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Market Snapshots and Commentary on Value and Quality of life along the former Main Line of the Pennsylvania Rail Road, up until recently called the R5 Line, and now officially known as the Paoli /Thorndale line. R5Realty runs from Center City Philadelphia through the walkable, Westward outlying Towns & Townships.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mainline First-Time Buyer Homes Sold During July and August 2012 Include Wynnewood Foreclosure

This bank-owned, foreclosure home in Wynnewood's Indian Creek development didn't last long. With a list price of only $425,000 - and located in a neighborhood of 4-bed, 2+bath contemporary homes that sell anywhere from the mid-500ks to the mid-700ks - a feeding frenzy ensued. Just six days after being listed in late June, the house at 911 Primrose Lane was under contract for $470,000 cash.  Most sellers price from the top and dip down. In this case, pricing from the bottom up yielded quick results for the bank.

Lower Merion and Narberth: 2012 Summer Home Sales Under $500,000
Street AddressSold PriceTownBedsBathsSq FtListed At
125 Walnut Ave$141,500 Ardmore622,358$165,000
18 N Wyoming Ave$218,000 Ardmore311,464$219,000
209 Edgemont Ave$253,000 Ardmore51.11,768$259,000
43 Chatham Rd$320,000 Ardmore311,332$324,900
308 Inwood Rd$350,000 Ardmore31.11,493$359,000
202 Cricket Ave$360,000 Ardmore311,451$350,000
1317 W Wynnewood$367,000 Ardmore42.12,312$374,900
131 Linwood Ave$395,000 Ardmore42.12,000$389,000
110 Saint Pauls Rd$476,000 Ardmore52.12,536$489,000
316 Pembroke Rd$205,000 Bala Cynwyd41.11,450$234,900
129 Upland Ter$280,000 Bala Cynwyd51.11,555$295,000
708 Fordham Rd$310,000 Bala Cynwyd32.11,959$320,000
125 Birch Ave$357,500 Bala Cynwyd622,390$449,900
204 Cynwyd Rd$365,000 Bala Cynwyd32.11,800$374,850
38 Aberdale Rd$387,500 Bala Cynwyd62.12,332$400,000
103 N Highland Ave$392,000 Bala Cynwyd63.12,903$445,000
607 Conshohocken$397,000 Bala Cynwyd42.12,681$399,000
135 Cynwyd Rd$429,000 Bala Cynwyd52.12,409$429,000
120 Birch Ave$455,000 Bala Cynwyd33.12,694$499,000
104 Lyle Ave$245,000 BalaCynwyd31.11,301$249,000
318 Pembroke Rd$275,000 BalaCynwyd41.11,666$275,000
161 Rolling Rd$399,000 BalaCynwyd32.12,241$399,000
1048 Floyd Ter$185,000 Bryn Mawr31.11115$199,999
44 N Roberts Rd$236,000 Bryn Mawr31.11,279$250,000
410 Righters Mill Rd$290,000 Gladwyne511,295$299,000
1300 Colton Rd$465,000 Gladwyne53.15,177$525,000
171 Stoneway Ln$232,500 Merion31.11,700$244,800
328 Woodbine Ave$225,000 Narberth311,152$250,000
217 Iona Ave$285,000 Narberth41.11,333$300,000
106 Sabine Ave$300,000 Narberth311,208$309,000
218 Hampden Ave$312,000 Narberth32.11,392$324,900
9 Schiller Ave$325,000 Narberth41.11,686$335,000
340 Meeting House$330,000 Narberth421,308$349,000
121 Elmwood Ave$380,000 Narberth51.12,219$374,000
26 Hansen Ct$381,000 Narberth22.12,075$399,999
500 Dudley Ave$407,000 Narberth31.11,332$415,000
8 Wynnewood Ct$410,000 Narberth541,953$429,900
6 Langdon Ln$465,300 Narberth42.12,219$500,000
1133 Hillcrest Rd$407,000 PennValley43.13,301$499,900
339 Hidden River $470,000 PennValley53.13,318$529,000
2058 Matson Cir$390,000 Villanova421,653$399,500
251 Trent Rd$260,000 Wynnewood311,206$268,000
1416 Greywall Ln$275,000 Wynnewood42.11,668$299,900
502 E Wynnewood $325,000 Wynnewood41.11,426$325,000
26 Rolling Rd$354,000 Wynnewood52.11,981$399,000
1509 Sheffield Ln$355,500 Wynnewood42.22,346$375,000
1316 W Wynnewood$365,000 Wynnewood42.12,204$399,000
1516 Sheffield Ln$367,000 Wynnewood32.12,434$369,000
49 Overbrook Pkw$372,500 Wynnewood32.12,485$374,900
1512 Surrey Ln$390,000 Wynnewood42.12,360$399,000
1504 Ashford Way$410,000 Wynnewood332,262$399,900
110 Harrogate Rd$445,000 Wynnewood42.11,914$459,900
1511 Brinton Park $452,000 Wynnewood33.13,089$459,999
911 Primrose Ln$470,000 Wynnewood42.12,979$424,900
522 Wynlyn Rd$485,000 Wynnewood42.12,620$489,000

Summer 2012 Home-Selling Prices in Lower Merion and Narberth: The Half-Million to One Million Division

Set on a lush acre in wooded Penn Valley, this contemporary (1958) split-level at 413 Hidden River Rd. has had its kitchen, living room, windows and more handsomely remodeled and updated since it sold in 2007 for $450,000. Emblematic of today's relative values in the 500k- 1 million dollar price point, it resold this August for a net price of only $515,000 and two weeks on market.

Street AddressTownBedsBathsSq Ft.Sold Price
140 Lodges Ln
125 E Princeton Rd
32 Overhill Rd
116 N Highland AveBalaCynwyd63.13,411$760,000
18 Derwen Rd
118 Pennsylvania AveBryn Mawr32.12,978$650,000
714 Waverly Rd
Bryn Mawr42.13,542$670,000
122 Pennsylvania AveBryn Mawr32.13,257$715,000
130 Pennsylvania AveBryn Mawr32.13,333$735,000
720 Oak Springs RdBryn Mawr43.14,250$839,000
431 Caversham RdBryn Mawr42.12,592$900,000
810 Great Springs RdBryn Mawr43.14,699$965,000
1729 Sylvan LnGladwyne42.13,500$605,000
533 Scott RdGladwyne444,035$630,000
1012 Black Rock RdGladwyne42.12,501$675,000
369 Righters Mill RdGladwyne22.12,140$895,000
311 Laurel LnHaverford43.14,335$770,000
424 Berkley RdHaverford53.12,951$849,000
521 Mercer RdMerion33.13,146$525,000
537 Revere RdMerion42.12,098$525,000
553 Heath RdMerion63.12,657$530,000
724 S Bowman AveMerion43.22,968$555,000
751 S Latches LnMerion42.12,413$587,500
26 Raynham RdMerion63.15,578$780,000
455 Hidden River RdNarberth22.12,016$500,000
602 Fairview RdNarberth432,241$525,000
104 Foxhall LnNarberth43.12,759$630,000
10 Hampden AveNarberth53.12,485$750,000
146 Merion AveNarberth52.13,565$755,000
1101 Tower Ln ENarberth43.34,512$885,000
413 Hidden River RdPennValley32.11,746$524,000
1124 N Woodbine AvePennValley54.24,766$549,999
1614 Flat Rock RdPennValley42.13,905$550,000
1125 N Woodbine AvePennValley42.22,417$570,000
810 Larkspur LnPennValley543,358$710,000
405 Caranel CirPennValley42.13,820$745,000
227 Tower LnPennValley53.14,575$811,000
1211 Chermar LnPennValley54.13,730$865,000
434 Old Gulph RdPennValley44.14,592$870,000
1130 Tower Ln EPennValley64.14,918$958,000
2041 Stoneridge LnVillanova42.22,578$625,000
544 Oriole LnVillanova52.12,858$725,000
710 Mount Moro RdVillanova54.25,214$775,000
728 Canterbury LnVillanova44.15,354$887,500
412 Williams RdWynnewood43.12,807$509,900
17 Wiltshire RdWynnewood42.22,177$510,000
433 Shortridge DrWynnewood31.12,344$520,000
606 Fariston DrWynnewood42.22,238$525,000
1359 Arbordale RdWynnewood53.22,381$540,000
515 Clothier RdWynnewood42.13,300$550,000
334 Station RdWynnewood52.12,280$570,000
1332 Morris RdWynnewood33.12,664$570,300
1360 Garden RdWynnewood53.24,369$669,000
819 Primrose LnWynnewood43.13,612$715,000
440 Witley RdWynnewood53.12,915$730,000
726 Sussex RdWynnewood43.13,138$783,750
455 Warick RdWynnewood43.14,834$920,000