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Market Snapshots and Commentary on Value and Quality of life along the former Main Line of the Pennsylvania Rail Road, up until recently called the R5 Line, and now officially known as the Paoli /Thorndale line. R5Realty runs from Center City Philadelphia through the walkable, Westward outlying Towns & Townships.

Friday, January 13, 2012

End of 2011 Home Prices in Narberth & Lower Merion

November and December's Homes Sold Under a Million Lower Merion and Narberth

Street AddressTownSold ForBedsBathsSq. Ft.Asked
205 Greenfield TerArdmore$130,000 511,350$145,000
114 Elm AveArdmore$203,500 31.11,275$214,900
328 E Spring AveArdmore$236,000 211,006$249,500
123 Sutton RdArdmore$250,000 321,860$250,000
316 Locust AveArdmore$296,000 42.11,800$299,900
147 Cricket AveArdmore$381,500 42.22,652$375,000
125 Grandview RdArdmore$402,500 52.12,334$389,900
38 Chestnut AveBala Cynwyd$280,000 31.11.109$285,000
115 David RdBala Cynwyd$315,000 322,274$385,000
5 Heckamore RdBala Cynwyd$381,000 33.12,440$375,000
107 Grasmere RdBala Cynwyd$400,000 44.12,778$495,000
222 Ebenezer AveBala Cynwyd$470,000 533,100$479,900
21 Penarth RdBala Cynwyd$475,000 43.12,314$495,000
104 Bryn Mawr AveBala Cynwyd$765,000 53.14,738$775,000
201 Oak Hill RdBala Cynwyd$800,000 54.14,007$865,000
158 Maple AveBala Cynwyd$310,000 31.11,533$319,000
639 Old Gulph RdBryn Mawr$451,050 333,042$549,000
1101 Beech RdBryn Mawr$655,000 44.13,103$675,000
801 Edwin LnBryn Mawr$914,500 64.14,166$1,099,000
208 River RdGladwyne$250,000 11952$350,000
522 Consh. State RdGladwyne$778,000 43.14,133$819,000
231 Righters Mill RdGladwyne$830,000 43.13,198$900,000
1551 Lafayette RdGladwyne$957,500 67.15,959$1,049,000
1115 Youngsford RdGladwyne$985,000 34.13,644$1,095,000
207 Haverford RdWynnewood$240,000 32.13,152$270,000
531 Glenwood RdMerion $355,000 42.11,576$399,500
327 Hamilton RdMerion $542,000 42.22,400$599,000
265 Forrest RdMerion $900,000 52.13,378$899,000
236 Forrest AveNarberth$200,000 52.11,742$200,000
514 N Essex AveNarberth$327,500 311,802$350,000
333 Merion AveNarberth$355,000 41.11,794$369,000
203 Barrie RdNarberth$375,000 321,692$385,000
213 Price AveNarberth$377,000 41.11,780$375,000
224 Avon RdNarberth$425,000 411,675$439,000
14 Hansen CtNarberth$425,000 32.12,480$430,000
226 Hampden AveNarberth$555,000 53.12,194$579,000
540 Sprague RdPenn Valley$515,000 42.13,321$569,000
1125 Hollow RdPenn Valley$540,000 44.13,337$595,000
1213 Centennial RdPenn Valley$560,000 42.12,388$600,000
1319 Centennial RdPenn Valley$572,000 42.13,022$599,999
206 Fairview RdPenn Valley$715,000 42.12,606$799,000
308 Sprague CirPenn Valley$775,000 43.24,139$840,000
403 Fairview RdPenn Valley$863,000 43.13,416$899,000
400 Saybrook RdVillanova$565,000 443,845$600,000
1309 Valley RdVillanova$596,854 53.13,988$599,000
1415 Kyneton RdVillanova$730,000 23.13,100$765,000
1157 Brynlawn RdVillanova$942,000 43.13,260$979,000
230 Harrogate RdWynnewood$322,000 321,836$339,900
272 Henley RdWynnewood$346,000 321,561$350,000
1605 Brookhaven RdWynnewood$386,500 32.11,572$385,000
1358 Garden RdWynnewood$516,250 53.12,912$530,000

New Narberth Home: Thinking Outside the Box

 At Left: Garage & In-Law Suite, Center is Main House. Right is Retained Element of Original Farm House.

  This brand new modular, pre-fab home is in rapid progress of being completed on a gorgeous 1.1 acre lot at 233 Righters Mill Rd in Narberth/Penn Valley. New owners are relocating from Art Museum area and plan to enjoy the wonderful Elementary school just down the street. R5Realty plans to post updates photos but rest-assured, this is no glorified trailer park.  Extensive planning and consideration went into the $500,000 purchase of the property and the well-worn and now razed 75-year-old farmhouse. 
 Neighbors are fotunate to welcome new owners, who are constructing just their own custom-planned 5,000+ sq ft., single-family dwelling, progressively designed and sensibly situated to retain the distinctive quality of the neighborhood and bucolic landscape. Scranton's Simplex Industries and Orion General Contracting began assembling the prefabricated modular sections on January 11. 

The project is expected to take about two months to complete, but you would never know it given the alacrity with which  a huge crane hoisted and swung modules into place on the pre-poured foundation. In addition to the main structure, the home will have a garage and mother-in-law suite attached via breezeway. A small portion of the original farmhouse has been salvaged and owner plan to creatively incorporate it into/onto the main home. This sensitivity and vision is representative of the project as a whole, which utilizes a variety of green concepts efficiencies.
 Lots More R5 Realty Photos of the Project

Cranes lift and place modules forming the Main House. Plans for incorporating original remnant are TBD.